Informative, Insightful and Professional  

Your presentation was informative, insightful and professional.

It was well thought out and not drawn out, keeping the pace fun, light and unique.

I really enjoyed participating in the personality workshop, which allowed me to see myself and my LCT members in another light.

This workshop has reinforced the exact personality traits that I have and encouraged me to follow my heart towards a career path that is based on my outgoing personality.

I really enjoyed the wisdom and guidance you provided to us all.

Your professionalism and enthusiasm towards this workshop will be remembered. Thank you for helping answer my questions when I was not sure about what to do next or what questions to answer specifically. You come from service, and it is only a matter of time before you will have so many corporate contracts lined up to participate in your personality workshops due to its deep significance and ground breaking results.

Looking forward to seeing more workshops in the future.

Jamaal Miles    Miles and Associates   
My Sincere Thanks!  

I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for sharing with us all the great tips and techniques in becoming a confident speaker. I got a lot of amazing feedback from my fellow Toastmasters.

Personally, I enjoyed your speech very much and it gave me a drive to participate in the International speech contest. I hope you had a good time with us too.

Heidi    Toastmasters Member   
A Very Colourful and Impressive Presentation  

Steve Hopkinson made a very colourful and impressive presentation at the YMCA Small Business Week event. Steve shared his knowledge and expertise as a Certified Personality Dimensions Facilitator to help the audience better understand how people interpret each others behaviour and unique characteristics in a humorous and insightful manner.

The goal of the YMCA is “making the connections” and Steve’s delivery included all the aspects necessary to achieve this objective, including why we need to understand each other’s personalities so that we could communicate more effectively and grow as individuals.

Kathy Ann de Montbrun    Former Director, YMCA Business Centre   
Truly a Motivational Person and Speaker  

The President and Treasurer of our Toastmasters Club, TROY Toastmasters, had the opportunity to hear Steve Hopkinson speak at his home club. We were so impressed with his speaking ability and the speech he gave that we "had to" invite him to speak at our club.

He didn't hesitate to say "Yes" and the Club is better for the experience. The members were amazed. He is excellent in the use of voice modulation, body movements and all aspects of the science and the art of public speaking. One could empathize with his feelings, he took us through the times and we could see the pictures related in his speech.

It's hard to put into words, the power and motivation that were felt at the meeting. We would have him back, and hope to, in the future.

He is truly a motivational person and speaker.

Dennis Sandham - President
Barb McConville - Treasurer

On behalf of TROY Toastmasters,

Abhijit Sharan,

Secretary, TROY

Abhijit Sharan    TROY Toastmasters   

We had the opportunity and great pleasure of having Steve Hopkinson attend and speak at our quarterly real estate sales workshop.

He is an engaging and energetic man, who speaks with expression and a passion that truly motivates you. He spoke about “Seeing the Greatness Within” and fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Steve is a national and international award winning speaker. His passion for motivational speaking is extraordinary and I would highly recommend him. His passion will resonate with you too!

Diane Mitchell    Broker and Owner, The Mitchell Team    Website   

I just wanted to thank you again for joining us today. The feedback I’ve been receiving is phenomenal! This was the largest turn out for a lunch and learn that we have so far. Wow!

Lisa Kingsley    CHRP, Edward Jones   
An Insightful Presentation on Personality Dimensions in Action  

I would like to share my appreciation for your insightful presentation on Personality Dimensions in Action.

Although your presentation was personally inspirational and gave me great insight into my values and sense of being, I wanted to take it further.

So I took the colour attributes and applied to my daily life. To give you a snapshot of what I do daily I work at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and for First Family Wellness (FFW) helping with families that have children with exceptionalities.

At the TDSB I'm advocating for students and parents, dealing with parent/staff complaints, mediating, reviewing policies, engaging with staff at all levels and convening Restorative Justice Circles. As the FFW Family Rehab Consultant I seek to improve family harmony and to help individuals reach their utmost potential through various techniques and utilizing appropriate resources. All this in conjunction with the regular activities required of a small business.My contact with individuals remains focused on their psychological and emotional states.

The lessons taught by your presentation helped me tremendously as I adjust my approach to individuals, pursuant to their colour personality traits.

The use of the tools in your program has provided a marked improvement both personally and professionally. Further in sharing this knowledge with my clients, they have a better grasp of self, social nuances and an understanding that their expectations of others must be tailored to the individual.

I will continue to review your materials to become greater adept at utilizing this skill in everyday life.

Thank you.

Ricardo Francis    B.A., RIBO, CBT   
A Meaningful Presentation  

Our Small Business Members enjoyed your presentation on “Working with different personalities in their business setting”. Everyone in the group felt the presentation was meaningful and could relate it to their business practices; they also enjoyed the ease of your presentation style and the interaction within the group…

Susan Henry    Manager, Community Economic Development, Alterna Savings   
Smooth, Professional, Engaging, and Interesting  

Steve Presentation was very Smooth, Professional, Engaging, and Interesting. He kept me wondering what was coming next!

Good use of the room and props to keep men from getting bored!

VERY Knowledgeable on topics of personality types, their strengths, weaknesses and how I would leverage my dominant personality types in group, social or work environments & situations. At work today I was working out the dominant personalities of my boss using his handout!

Steve was able to get the whole room talking and revealing more about themselves in a way where we learned something new about ourselves and each other

Very impressive and effective workshop

Thanks Steve

Lance Mitchell    Lions Circle   

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