If you hope to enjoy a career in public service, public speaking skill is a crucial key to excelling in your line of duty. For professionals, office workers and businessmen, it is no different. There are people to whom public speaking comes naturally. They do not have to stress themselves. Put them in front of any audience and they are ready to wow.

Then there are those who are not naturals. They are not inherent public speakers. What then becomes their fate?

Good news! Like many other educational skills, public speaking can be learned. No matter what your role in public service is or in your professional position, if you want to be efficient, boost your profile and stand out in your industry, there are many non-classroom skills that you need to learn. One of the skills that help you stand out in a meeting, event, gathering, conference, is your ability to speak publicly to an audience.

Apart from your day to day engagements, there are times you need to speak in public. As a Lawyer in the courtroom, your public speaking ability can help you win cases, as a clergyman, it could be the distinguishing factor in converting that soul. As a staff member at a board meeting it could give you that lead position in a department.  As a marketer it could be the reason why your products or service are attractive. As a member of parliament on the senate floor, or a key note speaker in a conference it’s the reason you will be unforgettable. It is at these times your public speaking ability is brought to the forefront and if you are ill prepared, you could go from Hero to Zero very quickly. Do not just talk to them – communicate.

Generally, people expect someone with good education and background to be a good presenter. Unfortunately despite obvious qualifications for many, this may not be true causing many professionals career to stall.

When people start their careers they tend to ignore this important skill. When they get into leadership positions they then try to learn, but rarely develop their public speaking skills for one reason or another.

Effective commission is the ability of your thoughts to get passed on properly and easily to the listener(s) no matter the scenario. Being able to present impromptu speeches, prepared speeches, speaking clearly without slurs or using fillers, being flexible with the topic while staying relevant, lifting your voice and knowing when to capture the audience with titbits and quotes, reading the audience and speaking to them and feeling with them.

When you develop your skills using tools and processes from Speakers Momentum:

  • 1. You increase your importance, your market, and your practice. Having the right skills to convey the right information to the right audience at the right time can be the difference between achieving a goal in minutes instead of hours and in hours instead of months.
  • 2. You become more generally conversional when you use tools that can connect with your audience or listeners better. When you speak you can be confident that people will be willing to listen to you, and then you can glory in being a competent speaker in your chosen profession.

Your goal is simple. Acquire new skills that will draw your target audience to you.

Get to know your audience completely. Know them, feel them, and understand them.


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