Being a career person, either as an employee, or an employer, there are many scenarios where you will need to speak publicly. This is essential if you wish to lead others or become better at your career, be it gaining more customer base and trust or gaining promotion. For some, it is a nightmare having to stand before people to speak, but when it becomes necessary that you have to do it, the best option is to learn and excel at it.

Public speaking isn’t just talking. It is expected that your speech, or discuss will cause the group or audience you are addressing, to think, feel or do something different or new. For an employee, it could be from the company, maybe the board, or it may be outside the confines of your workplace. Public speaking could take you from your company in Toronto, for example, to a place outside Ontario. Your employees will expect that you will win the audience and you have to be prepared. Learn to be confident, concise, clear and engaging when you speak.

If, for example, a scenario arises where you need to change the way the marketing department present products to the buyers, or how the company health care and HSE system operates. It could be that, you are in charge of bringing new business ideas at board meetings or bringing in business at national conferences through demonstrating thought leadership on situations that your company in Toronto has encountered in the Canada different from what another company outside Ontario has experienced. When you analyze each of these public speaking challenges, you will come in contact with all the elements of public speaking.

For a new speaker, one grave mistake is to focus on yourself, projecting your fears of public speaking and trying to concentrate on it, thereby losing track of the audience who you should be capturing, and failing to read the mind and reaction of the audience. You have to:

  • Know your audience
  • Know what they expect from your speech
  • Know what their cares and worries are
  • Know what their role is in effecting the necessary results

It is pertinent to win their trust, and keep it, throughout the time of the speech by capturing their thoughts and avoiding dull undertones. Note that their expectations will vary and likewise their reactions.

How do you do all these? How can you be an effective public speaker?

Practice, practice, practice. Practice, they say, brings perfection. You could take a public speaking workshop or get individual coaching.

We are here to help you. Talk to us on our free one on one consultation session to determine the best tools for you to start, grow, and perfect your public speaking ability. These tips have been proven to help clients in various parts of the world.

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