When you become confident in what you’re saying – so will the person who can promote or hire you.

This is a highly interactive session where you come in good – and walk out great!

  • Develop the crucial interview and presentation skills of the business world and stand out as a confident candidate for that exciting new job or promotion opportunity.
  • Quickly gain the respect of any interviewer, higher ranking position, manager or senior partner and easily create the impression that they will get more done with you in that role.
  • When asked “tell me about yourself” you leave no room for doubt – because you will have that distinctive certainty in your responses that senior level people and managers are looking for.
  • Your listening skills will be honed and becomes for you one of the most important skills to bring to the interview sessions and meetings with superiors who can promote you.
  • You will shine at job interviews and staff meetings expressing yourself clearly, confidently, coherently and concisely and be seen as the obvious choice by seniors to promote.
  • With your new skills you will be much more visible than your competition because you are memorable.
  • Tell stories that are fresh, exciting, and relevant and appear as the stronger candidate that senior managers and job interviewers are looking for.
  •  You will stand out as a strong promotable candidate that is more openly confident about your weaknesses and mistakes and how you’ve grown from them.
  • Learn to describe situations and events with more significant depth appearing as the stronger candidate to promote or hire.
  • Learn valuable effective breathing exercises that will give you the kind of poise and confidence senior managers and interviewers are looking for.
  •  Make yourself more distinguishable to senior staff and interviewers by learning how to articulate your skills with evidence that support your claims.
  •  You will have and an invaluable communication tool for a wide range of purposes in your life to take out and use when you need it and your knowledge of this will make you stand out to those who can consider you for employment or promotion.
  •  You will stimulate and deepen your understanding of yourself self and others and profit from the enthusiasm of self – discovery – people hire and promote people they like.
  • You will strengthen your ability to communicate with and understand those with values different from you so you can develop instant rapport with others including senior staff and key decision makers.